Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Many Faces of our Twins....

"I can't believe she finally did it! I thought it would never happen!"--Addy
"Soap in my eyes, soap in my eyes, someone help me, I've got soap in my eyes." --Addy

"Get me the h#$& out of this thing"--Addy (this is also the face she makes when you put her in the grass
"Let's just get this over with so I can go to bed, I'm SOOOO over you guys."--Lilly
"Yep, you're right, there is no way I can get any cuter."--Lilly
But, even without making any faces, the pure innocence shines through.
And, one of the things we've been waiting for her to do on a consistent basis, it happened this weekend! Here's Lilly's rolling debut...


Catherine said...

YAY Lilly! Good work! You are a noisy little thing though:) Addy & Lilly do not seem that into bathing though! Hopefully that may change! As for Addy not enjoying the grass-well neither do I really-and Addy is wise beyond her years, we have the same complexion and we just don't look that good in green!

I like their matching outfits though - very cute! Babies this is a big week for us - you need to follow your Grandpa Dave around as he goes door-to-door for Obama - your future depends on it! Go Indiana Democrats!

Lili said...

Could these kids get any cuter?!?!?! I love the sayings! Lilly's face in the bathtub is PRICELESS!

jillian said...

Hilarious! I loved all of them, but I have to agree the one of Lilly in the bathtub was priceless, she looked sooo bored. And the one of Addy wanted to get out of her chair, she looked in a panic!

Lili said...

I still can't get enough of those photos! Anytime I need a pick me up, I look at those adorable pictures of the girls and giggle! I have a following in my office as well for these girls!
Thanks again for sharing their days and pictures with us :)