Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunny days!

Another fun week at the Ash house. This is such a fun age! Addy's crawling (well, right now it looks like part army crawl, part inch worm, but she's moving forward on her belly and I think that counts). Ms. Lilly surprised us both on Saturday while we were driving, she blurted "Da Da." It was clear as anything and it was very cool that Jeremy and I were both with her (there was a witness!). She proceeded on blabbing it most of the weekend in a way that really said to Addy, "Look what I can do that you can't." Otherwise, we spent the weekend doing laundry, yardwork, vacumning, grocery shopping, cooking, etc. It felt like a lot of family quality time, but was absolutely perfect.

"Dad, you need to be working a little faster, I heard we were going to the park after this."
Lilly sitting in the grass to the left, Addy 'working' in the exersaucer on the right.

"Oh my god, that's the best news I've heard since Aunt Cat told me they made Juicy sweatsuits for babies."--Lilly
"If I try really hard to stare at the camera, maybe she'll get that thing out of my face"--Addy
The shirt says it all... (Lilly)


"This is great, mom, just keep me away from that green prickly stuff, it totally freaks me out."--Addy


Catherine said...

Addy & Lilly look so cute in their little message tees! But really girls you should be wearing your Barak tees nowadays - you need to get out the vote in Indiana! Vote early and often:) Whatever you do, do not listen to your friend Mallory's dad about politics. I feel that he is terribly misguided;) You need to listen to your Grandpa Dave!

Girls, I hope you are going to take care of your Uncle Jonathan! I think he might need some hugs & kisses from you both:) Good job helping your dad with the yardwork! That's some teamwork!

Christina said...

I can't believe Addy's crawling already! Before you know it, you'll be spending all of your time chasing them around your house!

They're so cute. I love their outfits!

jillian said...

Great pictures, sounds like you guys are keeping busy and having fun. I hope the nice weather comes back! Enjoy the crawling, you will be chasing them around before you know it :)

Are we going to see the pumpkin-sized tomatoes of 2007 again this season Jeremy?

Is Uncle Jonathan okay?

Lili said...

Lilly's face is priceless!!!! Addy is such a ham for the camera! Thanks for sharing Aimee!