Friday, April 18, 2008

White dots on tongue and babies' first...earthquake?

Yes, today brought new firsts...a diagnosis of THRUSH in both babies and Addy & Lilly's first earthquake!

I'm only posting this poor picture of Addy because when I was googling "white spots on tongue" yesterday, it would have been helpful to see a picture. Excuse the snotty nose...sometimes I think these girls will spend years in therapy because of this whole blogging thing.

The good news is, they are still happy babies and apparently this is a pretty common illness, but a complete sterilization of toys and all that has gone in their mouths is in order for the weekend.


Catherine said...

Unacceptable - an earthquake and an infection! Obviously this is a direct result of ABC News bureau's biased moderating of the democratic debate. My dislike for ABC News now rivals my dislike for the republicans. I will boycott ABC news in solidarity with Addy and Lilly. My poor nieces - an earthquake:( Lilly probably did not notice it since she is so used to motion with her little around we go machine. Addy's tongue looks so sad:( A - so sorry you have to spend your weekend sterilizing everything in sight:( Try and relax a little bit! Stay away from the fault lines! I love you guys:)

Lili said...

I see two little teeth! Sterilizing everything?! i think that phone that they were trying to share should be one of them!

Anonymous said...

Looks like Addy was punished for here loud cheers of Obama.

Addy your young you will learn.

Friend looking out for their future.

Yours very truly.

Brooke said...

Aimee ... no worries, we went through the same thing. At that point I thought daycare was my enemy! Turns out babies just put everything in their mouth ... ahhh motherhood : )

Stacy said...

Thank you so much for posting this picture! I have 6 month twins and one of them has a spot exactly like that on his tongue. This picture has helped me. I know this is months later, but I hope your girls are well!

Karl Howard said...

I too was googling white spots on baby tongues and got directed to this post. The pic matches what I've just noticed on my little one's tongue. Thank you for posting it.

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