Monday, April 21, 2008

All better!

The thrush is disappearing and life is good! Addy is getting louder and louder, the girl has so much to say and is frustrated because she can't get it out. Lilly's grins will just melt any heart and she literally shakes when she's excited. I had them both "standing" holding the window looking out when dad pulled into the driveway today. They were smiling and he came right up to the outside of the window, they shrieked and squawked, it was hilarious. Here's some pictures from bath night (Addy top, Lilly bottom)...

Great-Grandma Mickey and Great-Grandpa Bill are back from their winter in Florida. They couldn't believe how much the girls had grown.


Catherine said...

My darling little democrats are growing up! They look so big now! I can just see them waiting for their Dad. I hope they are getting some rest in anticipation of the Pennsylvania primary - I bet they have their tiny little fingers crossed for Obama.

I like their little bunny towel outfits. I am sure Mickey & Bill adored hanging out with those little munchkins!

Lili said...

They are just too cute!!!! I love it that Addy has so much to say. Of course Lilly has a great grin! Those bunny towel outfits look familiar. Are they a gift from Aunt Cat?

I can't wait for more updates. Thanks Aimee!

jillian said...

Glad to hear the girls are better! I have no idea what thrush is, but I'm sure I'll find out someday and I'm sure it's not fun.

I love the story of them waiting at the window for Jeremy, that is so cute, I can totally picture the whole scene.

By the way, I never commented on the last round of videos but they were hilarious! I love that go-round thing and the girls are just getting so big! Part of me hopes they have to come visit with you in June :)

kj said...

I'm a total blog stocker!! Forgive me! BUT I have two baby girls named Lily and Addy!!!! Lily will be 5 this summer, and Addy just turned 2.

Here's my blog so you can see I'm not lying! LOL!!! Your girls are sweet, take care!

Joyce Platt said...

Great blog as always. Now i'm back online I can see the videos again.
Keep up the good work.
Take care
Auntie joyce