Saturday, April 5, 2008

Go Tarheels!

The girls sported their t-shirts from Aunty Yen (AKA Jenny Levering) today to support UNC as they battle in the Final 4. We also sported hats from Aunt Cat, because it might actually be Spring in Indiana! We spent the afternoon at an event at Ball State, making new friends and hamming for the camera.

"I'm ready for my close-up, mom"--Addy
"This toe isn't bad compared to some of the other stuff they have me eating."--Lilly
Lastly, I continue to be impressed with Mom-invented products I come's one that was tagged, in a store in Boston, with "Made in Maine by a Mom who knows."


Catherine said...

My girls look so happy in their high chairs with their bibs:) They are also working those hats like they are on a catwalk in Milan! I cannot believe you did not give Lilly a shout-out for rolling over. I knew she would do it on her own time - the littlest diva was probably holding out for a spotlight and a marching band!

A-you are such a good mom taking the girls out and about! Thank goodness the girls already have a spring wardrobe:) Did Jeremy not have an opinion on the hats????? Addy really does look like she is posing in that picture! I cannot wait to see them again!

jen lev said...

awesome shirts girls! thanks for being fans eventhough we totally sucked tonight... maybe next year!!