Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My Lilly

I started calling her My Lilly when we were in the NICU, for no other reason than I think I was still in shock that I had babies all my own. We also call her Lilly Bug, Lilly B'Dilly or Lilly Pie. She is a Daddy's girl in every way. She's never met a stranger, smiling at anyone that will give her the time of day. She went to the grocery store with me a couple weeks back and sat in the cart like a big girl. Each time someone would come toward us, she'd make eye contact, give that big smile, and wait for them to tell her how cute she was. If they passed by without a comment, her head was on a swivel, following them past us, then quickly returning for the next passerby.

I laugh most of the time I spend with Lilly because when I laugh, she laughs and when she laughs, I laugh, so it's a circle. You can't really help but laugh when you're around her, she's got big blue eyes, a full head of red hair, chunky cheeks and the cutest little nose you've ever seen. She's a great eater, as you can tell by her stats below. She only occasionally takes a pacifier when she goes down for a nap. She's definately a diva, as I type this, we are having a match of wills. She's screaming, not wanting to nap and thinks that if she screams long enough, I'll go in and sit with her...she typically wins. She also does this at night. We've had nights where we win and she crys back to sleep, but other nights she ends up in the guest room with Dad. I'll go in to wake him in the morning and she's soundly sleeping, perfectly content, like there is no where else in the world she'd rather be. Our pediatrician has warned us that if we don't break her of this habit now, she could be sleeping in our bed until elementary school. When we think about that, it's horrifying, but in the moment, at 4 a.m., it doesn't seem so bad.

The other thing we discussed with our ped last week was her not rolling to get anywhere yet. As soon as Addy was rolling, she was rolling across the room. Lilly rolls to appease us, as if to say, "See, I can do it, leave me alone." She doesn't use it to get to toys or anything like that. I was concerned about developmental delays and our pediatrician assured us that she was just spoiled...excuse me? Is spoiling your diagnosis? But I couldn't argue, she was right, why should Lilly waste that energy moving across the room when we typically bring her what she wants/take her where she wants to go? I'll tell you, I had a lot of concerns when I found out we were having twins, but spoiling wasn't really one of them. Shows how much I know.

That's My Lilly, she's got a lot of Jeremy in her (big feet, big smile, big heart) but she definately got my strong will and I have a feeling she and I will go head to head a number of times in the future. I sure hope she lets me win every once in a while.

9 Month Statistics:

22 pounds, 9 ounces (94th percentile)

28 inches long (62nd percentile)

46 1/4 head circumfrance (95th percentile)

"Who me?"

"If only I could talk to my sister, we could plan our escape."

"Oh my goodness, Oh my goodness, I can't believe it."

"But Daddy, I want the golden ticket and I want it NOW."


Christina said...

My mom and I just looked at that first picture and both agreed "That's an Aimee face!!"

jillian said...

I agree, she has so much of you in her, especially her clear blue eyes. But then there are other pictures where she looks so much like Jeremy. So cute and great post. I love the "spoiling" diagnosis, hilarious.

Catherine said...

That video is hilarious! Lilly's laugh is so funny - she has the funniest facial expressions. I don't think you will ever have to guess when she is annoyed!!! Awww - her little face when she is mad is so sad:( It's funny that you did these two posts about how different they are because when I see them and hear about them I just always think they are such a mixture of you & Jeremy - Addy got a little more of you and Lilly got a little more of Jeremy - it cracks me up! Lilly is a little character - I think she might have inherited one or two of her diva characteristics from me:) I really cannot wait to see them again!

Lili said...

I LOVE her facial expressions! She is so funny about not wanting to roll to get anywhere. She def. knows how to get what she wants..VERY dangerous!

Her little chubby cheeks make me want to squeeze them :)