Sunday, May 11, 2008

9 Month Birthday / Mother's Day

We took the advice of many and I accompanied Jeremy on a conference trip to New Orleans. So, yes, it's my first Mother's Day, but no, I'm not spending it with Addy & Lilly. I'm sure that knocks me out of the running for Mother of the Year and most reading this are probably casting judgement. I just figure this is something they can throw back at me when they are 16 and going on some weekend trip with their friends and I'm nagging them about being home for Mother's Day. So, yes, Addy and Lilly, this can be your "Get out of Mother's Day free card", just don't expect to use it more than once.

Here's some pics we took to celebrate the 9 month milestone. The color on my scanners a little fuzzy, but the cuteness shines through. They weren't easy to keep in one place, so my props to the photographer. We then drove home from the mall and they were talking to each other in the backseat...Da Da....Ga Ga...Ba Ba...Da get the idea. No "Ma Ma" yet, but I'm just enjoying the sounds.

I'll be back from New Orleans on Monday, so my "Stay at Home Mom" duties begin on Tuesday. Anyone in Indy want to do lunch?


Catherine said...

Girls - you are working those dresses! I love it! Are you ready for summer? What are you guys going to do with your mom all day long? Go to the outlets? Go to the mall? Learn to walk? Busy, busy girls!

I know you are probably a little disappointed about Obama not taking Indiana but he came pretty close! And I think we have to thank your Grandpa Dave for nearly bringing it home for us! I'll be coming to see you very soon:) I cannot wait to hang out with you two again:)

Lili said...

I love those outfits!!!! Is Addy doing push-ups in the second photo? nice she is working out at her own photoshoot? is she trying to show her muscles?

Those girls are so special!

Joanna said...

its pretty clear that these two are going to work in fashion!!