Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Silent Soldiers

I've said from the beginning, that it takes a village and no one knows that more than mothers of multiples! I think Grandma Linda and Grandma Jody know how much they mean to my girls, they get immediate reactions from Addy & Lilly when they walk in the door. Our "Silent Soldiers" might just be Addy & Lilly's grandpas! They get met with a little apprehension, but the girls warm up quick. Dave shows up with diapers when he visits and Grandpa Ian cooks the best breakfast in town! Thank you both for being such integral parts in our lives!
Reading a bedtime book with Grandpa Dave
Making pizzas with Grandpa Ian


mamalouise said...

This was sweet! Isn't it amazing what you can get done when the kiddos nap longer...two blogs in ONE week! I love it! Note to Addy and Lilly...mommy will brag on your more if you take a wee bit longer to snooze in the afternoon (and her blog stalkers will soak it in and enjoy seeing new pictures of you)! :)

Andrea said...

Can't forget about those Papaws!

The Murray Crew said...

Hey sweet mama...your girls are just soooo stinkin' sweet. Makin' pizzas - what an AWESOME idea! Can I steal it? =) Always lookin' for some "hands on" ideas for my little squirts!

Hey the park we were visiting was in Avon...just off of 36. It was our first time's awesome! LOTS of room to roam and a duck pond. Come down and we can visit together if you'd like! =)

The Crew