Monday, May 4, 2009

St. Louis Trip

So, why did we decide to do St. Louis with the girls?

  • Jeremy and I have taken trips since they were born, but they've never stayed in a hotel before and we thought it was time....
  • My dad was conferencing for work, so the trip was basically free...
  • 4 hours in the car, long enough to feel like a getaway, but not long enough to regret the trip later.
  • 1 hour time change caused only minor interruptions to their schedules (4:45 wake up?--yikes)

The girls were great, they love spending time with Ga Ga and Ga Ga (yes, that's what they call all 4 of their grandparents right now) Sadler. Here are pictures and some narration for your reading pleasure....

We traveled with very little toys, I knew they are at this great age where they make their own fun--nothing like a long hallway to run and curtains to hide behind to provide hours of entertainment! "Just one more lap, then bed, I swear..."--Lilly

Swimming in the hotel pool with Grandpa Ian " Ga Ga, Ba ba ba ba, chicka, chicka, crash, wa wa, woah." Translates to..."Grandpa, yesterday at the zoo we saw hippos swimming and fishies crashing together in a pool."--Addy, she's becoming so verbal and has her own language and spends most days telling stories no one understands quite yet.
St. Louis is home to the largest urban park in the US (Forest Park), even bigger than Central in NYC. It also has a wonderful playground and this huge concrete turtles. Both the girls can say turtle and I knew this would be fun. A little scared at first, but warmed up quickly. Here's Addy making friends with the smallest turtle in the park.

Mommy, Addy & Lilly perched up on one of the larger turtles.

With Grandma & Grandpa at the zoo--check out the elephant in the background!
Lilly a little scared of the choo-choo at first, but again warmed up quickly. This added to our list of things my little scaredy cat is afraid of...(choo-choo trains, concrete turtles, elevators, Easter bunnies, Santa Clauses, vacumns, leaf/snow blowers, loud planes, the rocket ship on Little Einsteins on the Disney Channel...really, are you serious Lilly?)
Addy, getting a new perspective from Daddy's shoulders... "More, DaDa, More!"

Holding hands, walking with their leashes--I tell you this melts my heart. Oh, and this morning Addy woke first, but when Lilly joined her downstairs, there were "Hi's" exchanged, then hugs! It doesn't get any better than that.
My fearless Addy was brave in the petting zoo, chatting with the goats, here is a video, you can see Lilly hovering around Daddy in the background!
Thanks for a great trip Grandma & Grandpa!


Andrea said...

Look at them holding hands! How sweet! They are getting so big!

Christina said...

Aren't hotels great?! We had actually never had a good experience traveling with Chase until last month when we went up to Penn State with him. He LOVED the Nittany Lion Inn, and running up and down the halls and talking to all the other hotel guests was enough to tire him out pretty thoroughly each night. I love the pic of the girls holding hands, it's so sweet!

I'm so glad you had fun in St. Louis; it's a great city!!

jillian said...

I love that they hold hands and greet eachother! That is precious. So glad the trip went well, sounds like you guys had a great time.

Anonymous said...

Notice the proud CUBS shirt in rival Cardinal town. The girls love the Cubbies.

Happy Mothers Day Aimee. DADA!