Monday, May 25, 2009

School's out....for summer....

Addy is in front of Ms. Jackie and Lilly is next to Ms. Candace

Addy & Lilly had their last day of "school" the other day. They've been in this 1/2 day program on Fridays all year. It's sometimes rough to drop them off, Lilly usually in tears, but they assure me she doesn't cry long and they've made lots of friends! They got their reports cards and each of them got "fully developed" marks on the following skills:
  • Can follow simple directions=
  • Take part in musical activities
  • Enjoy books
  • Can find hidden objects
  • Can sort toys
  • Can point to objects & pictures

About Addy, they said, "Addy is special because she is fond of taking toys into the corner play 'pit' and playing independently. She also likes to look at books in that spot. She hugs all the baby dolls and will put them in the toy refrigerator. Her favorite activity is going on a buggy ride. She will run to it whenever we mention it."

About Lilly, they said, "Lilly is special because she is very active--she entertains herself and everyone else. She loves to ride the rocking horse and wants to be sung to while on it. She loves playing with little manipulative toys--the farm and Noah's Ark. Her vocabulary is really starting to grow."

Not that this isn't stuff we already knew, but it's nice to be reassured....

Memorial Day Weekend Pics to come!