Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday already?

So, I was beginning to feel left out because I hadn't tried this leash thing yet and apparently Jacob and Chase love their monkey backpacks, so my mom and I tried them this weekend. Not a good experience. Either they don't get it yet or they really are smarter than me, but they wanted nothing to do with them. They actually still run in opposite directions and just manage to fall all over the place. Here are a couple of the looks I got...
The week's highlights--The Northside Twins & Multiples Group Halloween Gathering, Grandma & Grandpa Sadler visit, watching the Steeler's game at Uncle Jon's and going to pick out pumpkins!
"What the hell is going on around here."

"I see you lookin' at me"--Lilly our little bumblebee

"Why do I have to wear this again?"--Addy as a ladybug

"How many of these could fit in our wagon?"

"Mom--Daddy always says 'Go big or Go home.'"
"Can you help a sister out? I can't lift this alone..."
And because my sister can't get enough of the are a couple new clips...


Catherine said...

Oh my god - I love my little bumblebee and ladybug!! Why are they so CUTE???? I love that you can actually hear Lilly's grandmother yelling "Run Lilly Run!" as if she is Forrest! They look like they are going so fast. They are so funny...but I do not think they like those leashes:( I hope they have a great Halloween:) I do appreciate that the girls are wearing pants!!!!! Keep it up girls:)

Christina said...

Oh no! Sorry the leashes didn't work out. Maybe Lilly and Addy are such fiercely independent little women that they simply refuse to so much as entertain a metaphor as dangerous as a leash. So good for you, ladies! Gloria Steinem would be proud!

Anonymous said...

Addy's pitiful expression when she is on the leash is a good indication of exactly how she is going to manipulate her father!!! the chasing around the leather ottoman is absolutely hilarious and they adore playing that game with their father. They move so fast now it is difficult to remember when the could not even crawl!!!
Grandpa Ian

Dumas Family said...

I just realized that you updated your blog! I apparently have been out of it! Ummm...the "bugs" you have running around your house might just be the cutest bugs ever! Those pictures your captured are priceless! Jacob has never used his "leash" just the backpack part. I understand that they wouldn't really love something strapped to their backs though! I think Jacob was just he things the monkey is another one of his "friends."