Monday, October 13, 2008

14 Months...

We crossed the 14 month threshold over the weekend and celebrated with their first tailgate! We had planned to venture to IU (Jeremy's Alma mater and where he affectionately calls "the mecca") for the Iowa game. We wanted to do an "adult tailgate". This is very different than the tailgates in college where you typically drank too much before the game and had to go home after the beer ran out to sleep until you ventured out again later that night. No, this had to be different, we were adults now, parents even, so we had to behave. The party grew, from a small gathering of Jillian & Teague (longtime friends from Chicago and avid blog readers) and the Ash family to include the Wiley's, all their boys and significant others, other Lake Tippy friends, our friend Mallory and family and more we picked up along the way. The girls were SOOOO good. They had their morning nap on the way to Bloomington, ran strong for a few hours. Our plan was to take them to our hotel to nap, but they were so tuckered out, they slept in their carseats, listening to the radio and cooling down with the AC--in the tailgate parking lot. Yes, you can begin your nominations for "Mom of the Year" now. They slept for over an hour, then rallied again. They were making friends with everyone in the lot and loving seeing all the dogs and other kids. We went to dinner, then Grandma & Grandpa Ash brought them home for bed and we stayed to be misbehaving adults for a night in Bloomington!

Sunday brought a Colts game for Jeremy & Teague and some quality time with Addy & Lilly for Jillian and I. It was a blast--come back and see us again soon guys!

On a different note, Lilly's antics are being highlighted on a site I visit frequently, called "Baby Blog Addicts" You can check her out, here: My Little Drama Queen

As far as development, both girls are giving hugs and kisses now. Lilly's, kisses are merely a lean in toward you waiting for you to do the work. Addy blows kisses, without the hand movement. It's pretty cute. When you tell them you need a hug, they'll come over to you, arms outstretched. It's enough to make your heart melt. Both babble non-stop and you can tell they are dying to talk. Some words come out once and don't get repeated, like Dog, Baby, Book. So, we are anxious for some consistency in their language, but aren't rushing it, knowing that once they start talking, this house will be a very different place :-)

Here are some pictures from the tailgate, but my camera battery died, so I didn't get many.

Ben Cahill, hanging out with his 3 favorite women...

"Girls, I got a keg cup, let's go see what this beer thing is all about!"-Addy

"I going to check out some of the frat boys down the hill"--Lilly

And just in case you need a giggle for a Monday morning...

(note the lighting is terrible, but you get the idea)



Christina said...

That video is too cute for words. Lilly has a great belly laugh!!

Thanks for the tailgate pictures; now I know we are safe to take Chase up to Penn State for a weekend!

Christina said...

P.S. I think the fact that the girls napped in their car seats for over an hour is fabulous and amazing.

Catherine said...

Aimee and Jeremy, Why are my little nieces not wearing pants? I am not sure I want them growing up thinking that pants are optional;) But I will admit that these black and red Indiana onesies are a big step up from the nightmarish electric blue colts jerseys! Lilly is notorious now-that video of her fake coughing is hilarious. They both look so tall (which they obviously do not get from me!). I really cannot wait to see them - they seem so grown up compared to earlier this summer. I am glad that the girls seem so adaptable - it is a very good sign for their development! Alas, I do not think they inherited this easy-going nature from me:( If one of them was a bitchy, neurotic, shopaholic I would know where those traits came from;)

Lili said...

I LOVE the onesies...those pictures are HEEELarious....especially lilly's face with the caption and the fact that Addy is holding the beer cup. I agree with Aunt Cat though...they really should be wearing pants, because sometimes when you fall and we dont' want scars on those little knees :)

Teague said...

I'll stick up for you on this one Aimee because it was a VERY hot day for mid-October, I wanted to take my pants off too! (A few more beers and that may have happened for one of us)

Thanks again for a great tailgate weekend! We had a blast with you all and it was so much fun to be able to send nearly an entire weekend with the girls. They are adorable and get cuter and smarter every day. Can't wait to see you again over the holidays.

Jillian and Teague