Sunday, December 14, 2008

Childproofing Christmas and 15 month update

So, technically they are 16 months now, but I never posted about their 15 month check-ups. Granted, this was in the middle of a bug, so weights might be a little deceiving. Addy was 24.35 lbs (70th percentile), 32.2 length (89th percentile) and 50.60 head circumfrance (99th percentile). Lilly was 24.65 lbs (73rd percentile), 32.5 length (93rd percentile) and 48.6 head circumfrance (97th percentile)...bottom line, we think they'll be really tall geniuses. Here are some recent pictures.

Addy checking out the advent calendar. A tradition started with my paternal grandparents and something my parents are going to do for the girls. A small gift to start everyday in December. They love it and their little surprises. I'm just hoping this doesn't backfire on the 26th when they realize they won't get a gift everyday for the rest of their lives.

Lilly and our gated tree. Granted, I think she would admire from a distance, but I'm pretty sure Addy would try and scale it in a matter of minutes, so we thought we'd gate it and it has worked so far. I stole this idea from Jon & Kate Plus 8.

Addy on her first trip to Cookie Cutters, her face looks like she just saw Santa again, but she maintained composure and the new do is pretty damn cute.

Lilly looking equally terrified, but only freaked a little when she turned on the blow dryer.

Outside checking out daddy's handiwork on our lights. They gave him an A for effort, but we'll try harder next year :-)

Our new friend Brayden visited from Chicago, the girls were so cute, pointing and waving to him. Addy has even mastered "baby" and "bye-bye baby". It's enough to melt your heart!


Catherine said...

The girls are going to be so tall! I seriously, seriously hope that their feet are the same size as mine - my shoe collection is really my legacy to them;) It will be a tragedy if their feet do not fit into all these amazing sling-backs:( The girls look so much bigger too - Lilly looks really tall! A - I honestly do not remember being sad on the 26th after the advent presents stopped arriving - but maybe I am blocking it out.....I literally just remember thinking we were so lucky because no one else had an advent calendar! The girls look as if they could brave Antarctica the way they are bundled up in that picture! Jeremy - I was so sick so I did not respond to your blog but I thought it was really nice:) I think you are a really good dad, granted I still disagree with nearly all your fashion choices! Girls I hope you are excited for Christmas!