Monday, April 6, 2009

Tigers to Time-outs?

Grandma Linda came last week to help me out as I got a lot of work done, both for my job and my family! The spring cleaning bug hit me and I got closets organized, clothes and toys organized to sell and more. It was so nice to have her--thank you Ga Ga! We even made it to the zoo last week....

Ga Ga and her peeps at the first zoo outing of the season

"He looks just like my stuffed animal at home--but bigger....way bigger...."--Lilly

Loving the dolphin show and the shark exhibit, we may have a marine biologist on our hands! (Addy)

As we near the 2-year mark, the girls have begun to give me a glimpse of the terrible-twos. I've done time-outs with them for almost a year now, starting when punishing them for biting, pulling hair, etc. Now we try and enforce it for tantrums, throwing toys, running off in public, etc. Mostly things that I consider dangerous or that make mommy need a time-out so I don't lose it. We started giving the time-outs in their crib, lastly only 1 minute. Now, they'll do them just about anywhere and know I mean business. A couple weeks ago, after running away from me Addy did hers on a park bench, I've also done the front door step when they run onto the street when playing in the driveway and our dining room chair has become the timeout seat for the first floor. Here are a few rules I've tried to follow...

1. Be consistent, tell them why they are going in time-out, put them there and when your done explain again, hug/kiss and let them go. If they get up, put them back and set the clock again. If the behavior warrants an apology, make them "say" it, even if they can't say it.

2. Don't use time-out as a blanket threat, if you say they'll get a time-out if they throw a toy again, and they look at you and throw the toy, you need to follow-through (yes, even grandmas)

3. Try to keep a straight face when you go back after a minute and the arms are outstretched and they are ready for the kiss...Pavlovian response? (disclaimer, I was not in the room while filming, arm was going around the corner of the wall, but notice how she looks directly at the camera...can we say drama queen?)

Another funny story...when the girls were in the NICU, Jeremy and I used to sit through feedings and talk about what we thought they'd be like as they got older. One day, I was feeding Lilly and Jeremy was feeding Addy. Jeremy told me that Lilly would be just like her mom and LOVE ketchup on everything. Addy would be the condiment queen, passing on ketchup and using "better" condiments like honey mustard, bbq, etc. (I know, we did a lot to pass the time). As it turns out, Addy is my ketchup queen and reaches over to dip off others' plates if she doesn't have her own. Here's Addy...(we are still working on the deal with ketchup for life?)

Last item for this blog, Brooke tagged me for 7 favorite things (in no particular order)....Lilly's bear hugs, Addy's sloppy kisses, a bubble bath, wine with friends, uninterrupted sleep, Michelle's cupcakes and a back rub from my hubby. (Tags--Mamalouise, Amy Wagner, Brooke Kline)


Catherine said...

Addy, all the cool kids love ketchup:) That video of Lilly having a time out breaks my heart - I could not endure giving either of them a time - out! When I am there let's please not have any! It looks like you guys had a BLAST at the zoo! It cracks me up how much you guys love animals - you do not get that from me:( I am so psyched to see you soon:) We are going to have so much fun - I will let you eat as much ketchup as you want!

mamalouise said...

We have tried your time out steps and they are working like a charm! We haven't been at the park or anything as of yet (because apparently God is mad at us in Indiana and needed to show us with cold weather) but I am thinking he is getting the point! :) Thanks friend!!

BandBbaby said...

Thanks for the time out suggestions. When did you start time outs for the girls? Garrett just turned one, is that too early...I dont think he would get it or stay put. You're too funny taping the time out.