Sunday, May 9, 2010

If I weren't a mother....

-I'd have my fingernails painted with something besides sidewalk chalk and finger-paints

-I'd sleep more and worry less

-I wouldn't have the opportunity to watch my parents and my in-laws be grandparents

-I'd read more books and fewer blogs

-I'd travel more, but not have an excuse to travel to places like the Children's Museum or the zoo

-My house would be cleaner with a lot less room for play

-I'd have more money in my bank account, but less investment in my heart

(thanks Amanda W. for the idea of this post and to A & L for giving me the gift of being a mom!)


Anonymous said...

You are a great Mother, and Addy and Lilly demonstrate that every single day in all that they do and say.
We are very proud of you and the Great Mother you have become.

God Bless

Love You
Mum and Dad

Anonymous said...

Your mom and dad could not have said it better. We are so blessed that our granddaughters have you as their mother. You are doing an awesome job.

Jody and Dave