Monday, July 19, 2010

Guest Blogger-Aunt Cat Visits

Mommy Dearest--Growing up I always felt that, between my sister and me, I was the melodramatic one. My thinking changed during this visit when my sister stopped the car on the side of the road, got out and proceeded to unleash the mommy dearest fury on Addy for taking her seat belt off. This was a Mommy Dearest moment. It wasn't the first or the last I witnessed, a few more occurred during this visit. I adore my nieces, but they do know how to bring out the crazy in people. It's because of the crazy that I started to understand having the Mommy Dearest moments, because, I admit, I had one too.

A & L were fighting non-stop over this awfully loud karaoke-type-toy, accusing each other of taking their turn on the machine. I took the karaoke machine and yelled that I was going to throw it in the trash if they couldn't share. Not my finest "fun aunt" moment, for a minute, I turned into Mommy Dearest. Later in the week, Aimee's friend Jenny visited from North Carolina and shared in the Mommy Dearest moments, threatening to take the car through the car-wash (something the girls hate) if they couldn't behave in the car. Perhaps we all have a little Mommy Dearest inside? Living with 2-year-olds can't be all parks and playgrounds.

All-in-all Aimee & Jeremy have the patience of saints, I'm so impressed for their tolerance for how LOUD this house can get. I love visiting my nieces, but there were certain points during this last visit, I felt like I was on SURVIVOR--more accurately, I felt like I was losing SURVIVOR.

I am a really proud Aunt...the girls are completely potty-trained (accident free during my visit). They are smart, inquisitive, so bright, and, of course, loud. They are amazing swimmers, showing no fear in the water. Lilly is a force to be reckoned with and is so stubborn. I am not sure I'll be visiting during the teenage years--it terrifies me to think about! There is no way Lilly is ever not going to do exactly what she wants when she wants to do it. Anyone who gets in her way--good luck.

Addy is fiercely independent and adventurous. I envy her zest for life! She is the girl who will follow her own path. I'm certain the path will involve a lot of running, dancing and loud music. I "Looooooovvvvveeeee" you both Addy & Lilly and I hope for the sake of your parents' sanity, your terrible twos come to an end soon!


Anonymous said...

What a great movie to demonstrate how the simplest and oldest of games can be soooo much fun!!! This catches the girls love for playing and learning really well.I can't wait until Jeremy starts teaching them golf!!!
Looking forward to seeing then this weekend.
GaGa Ian

Jenny said...

Aunt Cat, thanks for the post. I loled about the mommy dearest moments, and think it's great for family members to admit to not only having them but understanding them, also kudos to you for giving your sis some genuine props and understanding about what her days are like.

Aimee, one of my BFFs is freaking out about her recent news about having twins (3rd & 4th children). I sent her promptly to your blog and she fine tooth combed through your "useful links". She is also on the hunt for a multiples group in her area. Thanks!

Your Ad & Lil are getting so big and more beautiful. Hey, wanna be accountability partners on another 7 blogs for 7 days sometime? Photos, drafts, and blog ideas are piling up. I've GOT to get caught up before our vacation next month! Ack.

Warmest thoughts coming your way for a fun and sane rest of the summer!