Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Proud to be a Hoosier!

I'll be really honest, when it comes to football, I watch for the food. So, I wasn't one of those overly enthusiastic Indianapolis natives when it came to hosting the big game. From a PR and economic perspective, I knew it was a HUGE opportunity for the city to nationally showcase what many of us have known for years: there isn't any place quite like it. Sure, we don't have the mountains to ski or the beach to swim, we have more 'chain' restaurants than one likes to admit and the weather, well, it's a bit unpredictable.

After college I traveled the country and really thought I'd fall in love with another city to call home. I was a transplant to Indiana and my folks had relocated back to Pennsylvania while I was traveling, so I had nothing really grounding me here. Or so I thought. In the end, I had my Butler family, some great friends and the realization that there wasn't anywhere else I wanted to ground myself. You can't find nicer, more grounded people than those here in Indiana. I'm so glad that the world is seeing this part of Indy this week!

We took the girls to see the sights on Monday--NFL Experience, Superbowl Village, a fun dinner out and unplanned friends to see! It was a night to remember, they came home exhausted and Jeremy & I had a blast too. Here are some pics!


Anonymous said...

what is the deal with the Mike Tyson tattoo on Addy?