Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rainy Day Art Time!

We haven't really seen any rainy days, but the truth is we've been stockpiling the toilet paper rolls for this craft since Christmas when we got a cool art project book from Santa. So, Sunday, we tackled the project and the girls had a blast!

  • Toilet paper rolls & kitchen paper towel rolls
  • 1 cardboard box (we used large granola bar box/ a rectangular kleenex box would work too)
  • Card stock or construction paper
  • Paints (you don't need to paint, but that was their favorite part)
  • Glue (we used a hot glue gun)
  1. Cut semi-circle card stock pieces that can fold and make cones for the castle tops. Staple to close securely.
  2. Assemble the castle the way you want it to look (we took a picture to remember how to put it back together after painting)
  3. Paint all the pieces
  4. Re-assemble using glue gun-add details (square pieces for windows, stickers in the front, etc)
  5. The girls are using this as their 'jewelry' display for their pasta necklaces and valentines day rings and such they have been collecting. They were so proud to show off to Daddy!

Addy--the more abstract artist of the two!

Lilly--focusing in on the details and asking LOTS of questions!

Pre-painted assembled castle

Finished Product!


Anonymous said...

Love the look of fierce concentration! This is fun (play)but educational at the same time.They love to learn.Cannot wait to see them this weekend.
GaGa Ian