Sunday, March 25, 2007

Things not to say to a woman pregnant with twins...

(In no particular order)
-Oh, you mean 12 weeks until its here, your much too big to be 12 weeks along. (According to the check-out lady at Kohl's last week)
-Twins, wow, my cousin had twins and she was in labor for days. (According to a staff member at Ball State)
-Did you plan for twins? (Who plans for twins?)
-Are you going to have any more? (Does anyone know the answer to this when they are 13 weeks along in their first pregnancy?)
-That's going to be expensive (Like we haven't thought about that.)

It was a pretty uneventful week and when you are pregnant, uneventful is good. I've re-introduced lettuce and orange juice back into my life, both of which are signs that the nausea may be gone. I also had some luck shopping for maternity clothes (thanks to Cat for the gift card) for my upcoming trip to Florida. I'll be leaving for a conference Friday in Orlando. I'll pass on Disney World since I can't ride roller coasters and some of my collegues from graduate school will spend time sipping Mai Tai's by the pool and I'll have to pass on that as well, but it will be nice to get out of Indiana for a short trip.

We had a good visit to the doctor and found out if all goes well and the babies are in good positioning, April 26th will be the day we find out if we are having boys, girls or both. Jeremy has been talking to my belly encouraging the penises to grow, but I also know girls would just melt his heart, so we'll wait and see :-)


Ashley said...

Isn't the plural of penis... peni?