Wednesday, April 4, 2007

The Babies first trip to Disney...

Okay, so we didn't actually make it to Disney, but we did make it to Downtown Disney and this is me and the babies in the Disney store, does that count? I honestly couldn't justify paying to go into an amusement park when I can't ride any of the fun rides (we are saving for diapers, right). And, I actually was there for work...

I attended the NASPA/ACPA annual conference, for those of you outside of my field, it is a joint conference between our 2 professional associations. So, it was 9,500 people who all work in higher education, in one capacity or another. Here were the highlights:
-Al Gore was our opening speaker, so the babies got their first taste of politics. At this rate they will both be Democrats and very Eco-Friendly, Catherine & the McColly side of the family will be very happy about this.
-There was a lot of standing in line, waiting, shuttling, waiting, etc, (I expected this with +9K people). I wasn't a very patient person pre-pregnancy and I'm not now. So, for those of you who were at the conference with me, I'll use this as a public apology for my complaining. The good certainly outweighed the bad and it was wonderful to connect with old friends!
-The trip made me appreciate the price of things in Indiana. We were pretty isolated on this huge resort and didn't have many options for food and beverage. Let's just say that I'm supposed to be drinking 8 glasses of milk a day, but each was $3.25, so I was spending on average $15 on milk each day...again not helping the diaper cause. They also don't offer free refills at their restaurants, so without realizing it and the waitress never informing me, I spent $37 on a hamburger and 6 lemonades...ridiculous.

Anyway, the trip ended last night, out with about 5 old friends and 4 new, all of them pretty hammered and me posted up at an Irish Pub in downtown Disney eating a hot fudge sundae at 1 in the morning. This is a great example of something you can only get away with when pregnant! **22 days till our next doctors appointment & hopefully we can report what the genders are!
***The belly is growing everyday, Jeremy can't believe how much bigger I got in the 6 days I've been gone! I'll take a side pic this weekend :-)


Christina said...

The babies look great in their hats!

Brooke said...

You look amazing and the babies hats on the belly are to cute!