Sunday, April 22, 2007

Spring has Sprung!

I know I'll probably regret saying this in a couple months when it is 100 degrees and I'm as big as a hot air balloon, but I'm so thankful spring has sprung in Indiana. The babies are happier, and since they are happier, I am happier. The weather was beginning to get depressing and all the maternity clothes I've bought are spring/summer, so I was having a wardrobe crisis on a daily basis.

This is setting up to be an exciting week. Thursday is our next doctor's appointment, so if all goes well, we should be able to post boys, girls or one of each by the end of the week! For those of you who know how much of a planner I am, this is a huge milestone! Once we get by this, we'll be able to paint the nursery, pick out names and register--all very exciting. If you want to take a guess as to what they are, leave a comment...

I attended my first pre-natal yoga class with Megan Cahill last week. To re-phrase, it was actually my first yoga class ever (sorry Mike) apart from Jenny's weird DVD's in grad school. It was fun, I was able to get a little bit of a self-esteem booster as I think I was one of the smallest in the class (probably the least far along, but whatever, it was a good feeling). I'm pretty sure most of the pregnant women in Hamilton County were there and that felt weird, however after an hour of stretches & relaxation, Thursday night was the first night I didn't wake up with horrendous back pain, so maybe there is something to this...I'll keep you posted.


Catherine said...


I am hoping for a baby niece and a baby nephew. My greatest concern is that with Jeremy as her dad my little baby niece might grow up believing that a grey IU tee shit is haute couture:( Quelle horreur! It does not really matter to me so long as they are democrats!! A- if you keep popping twins out you could turn Indiana from a red state to a blue state:) Hillary and Obama are counting on you:) Love you, Catherine:)

Christina said...

Just to make Catherine happy I'll be sure to send each of the babies one of these, regardless of their gender! I can't wait to find out. I have no guesses, since our ultrasound didn't tell us anything and we have to wait another month!! :(