Monday, April 30, 2007

Traditions & Celebrations

When you work on a college campus there are certain weeks you love (the first week of classes, Homecoming, etc) and weeks you dread (mid-terms, finals, etc), because you are surrounded by students all day who get stressed according to the time of year and your workload correlates with their stress. Well last week was the last week of classes at Ball State. Since it also was the week we found out we were expecting girls, my students were VERY excited.
We have a Friday tradition we started this year called Friday Fun Lunch. FFL usually means we order food out and enjoy a little TGIF. We also get a visit from Happy Friday Guy. Happy Friday Guy has been cruising Ball State's campus by scooter every Friday for the last 3 years in his costume shouting HAPPY FRIDAY. We've become his favorite office because we typically feed him FFL leftovers. So, last week a few students surprised me with a FFL Baby Shower, complete with balloons, pizza, cupcakes and a visit from Happy Friday Guy (shown in the picture). So, thank you to all who helped arrange the surprise and stay tuned to the blog as you go home for the semester--you will be missed!
Jeremy & I leave for England tomorrow, so I won't post again until next Wednesday when we get back. Keep your fingers crossed that the babies behave on this trip.