Tuesday, May 8, 2007

20 Weeks

Well, here we are at 20 weeks and back from our first overseas adventure! We just returned from 6 days visiting relatives & seeing the sights in Nantwich, Crewe, Chester & London, England. We can officially say Jeremy has met all of the relatives and got the stamp of approval (my uncle may be holding out, but he's hard to read). The twins were spoiled rotton already, my parents brought home a small suitcase of onesies, bibs, blankets and knitted sweaters. We didn't fly back with them, so we thought it might alarm Homeland security and they would think they were smuggling a small child into the country, but they made it nonetheless. And at this rate, they are on pace to be the best dressed babies around!

It was a good visit, however the 18 hours it took us door-to-door today was pretty exhausting. I'm lucky to have inherited my father's ability to sleep anywhere at anytime. This meant, the plane, the train, the airport, even a museum in London after walking for a bit. Atleast I have an excuse and people begin to feel sorry for the exhausted pregnant chick.

I continued to abstain from drinking in a country that takes drinking VERY seriously--let's just say my 80 year-old grandmother likes her whisky diluted with just a splash of lemonade--enough said? Jonathan and Jeremy were in rare form, attempting to taste all the beer they make in the country. This will probably be used as blackmail in about 22 weeks when I call up my non-pregnant girlfriends for a night of drinking while Jeremy babysits!!

That is it for now, I'm off to sleep some more. I have my next Doctor's appointment on Friday. I've been upgraded and will be getting an ultrasound every 2 weeks to check my cervix. Apparently this is an attempt at catching any pre-term labor before it happens. I just think it will be a fun check-in to see how the girls are growing!


Christina said...

Aimee, you look fanstastic!! I'm glad you guys had such a great time in England. Andrew has definitely taken advantage of my Designated Driver status now that I'm pregnant, so I foresee a few nights of babysitting in his future as well! :)