Friday, May 25, 2007

Motherhood brings on ingenuity

They say this is true and if you begin to look at the gadgets and such that are out there for moms, most of them were probably thought of in the middle of a crisis or by a mother raising multiples! Here is a "spacesaver" I keep hearing about...
These poor kids have years of therapy ahead of them as they have recurring nightmares about being in jail.


Catherine said...


You might not remeber this but those are EXACTLY the same type of cribs in the nursery at St. Martins church. But I am glad you are not using them - I don't want my little nieces growing up thinking stripes are a good look;)

Christina said...

Catherine's right! I just asked my mom and she said that those were the cribs they had at crazy old St. Martins (I added in the "crazy old" part).