Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Baby Basics Class

Every Tuesday during the month of June, Jeremy and I are attending a "Baby Basics" class hosted at St. Vincent's hospital. This week was session #2. We learned about the various stages of labor, watched the labor and delivery video (during which Jeremy "needed" to use the restroom", and discuss other anxieties with other expecting parents. The woman that teaches the class is old--she was a labor & delivery nurse for 50 years and retired in 1998. She drinks about a gallon of diet coke during each class (which explains why she can't make a point) and swears like a sailor. By the time we were closing the class with relaxation methods, Jeremy and I couldn't stop giggling. He was supposed to be pinching me and I was suppposed to be breathing through the pain--seriously? This is supposed to simulate labor? I couldn't stop laughing. Apparently if we were graded in this class, Jeremy said we would have received an F.
Sitting through class after sitting through work and my 80 minutes in total commute time has become too much for Addy & Lilly to handle. They decided last night they would take out their frustration by using my ribs as a cool new playground. They'll be taking their first long road trip out to Pennsylvania this weekend and I'm not sure my ribs are ready.


Christina said...

We don't start our classes until July, but I hope they're as half as entertaining as yours! I had never heard about the pinching thing until now. I think I would laugh too if Andrew has to pinch me. So ridiculous.