Sunday, December 9, 2007

4 Months--Family Picture!

Here we go, another birthday--Tuesday will be the big 4 month birthday. Here is a family picture, taken before Jeremy & I had a night out for his company holiday party. The girls look like deer in headlights, but it's a decent picture of us!

Lilly is hamming it up for the camera, sporting her pink Uggs that Aunt Cat sent, they don't really fit, but they are good for the photo opp...
And here are our Christmas Colts girls...they look pretty different that the night of NFL kick-off.

For the blog stalkers, stay tuned, it will be a busy week. We are party hopping with a lot of social engagements, we are planning to meet Santa AND have our 4 month weigh-in (ie. Doctor check-up), so I'll post again!
Monday, December 10
As promised, here is the Santa picture--too funny!


Catherine said...

You and Jeremy look great! I love your haircut:) One of my friends was saying how great your hair looks and wonders how you do it with twins! Lilly looks fab in her UGGs:):) Working those Diva tees also:):)

Honestly haven't I made my feeling about sport jerseys clear Jeremy? The only possible thing worse than those electric blue jerseys is matching electric blue hats. And truly I have never seen so much polyester in one place - my poor little divas:( I refuse to wait until next week when you somehow find shoes that are also that horrific electric blue color.

Jeremy, if you think that the clothes I have sent so far are over the top and too girly you have not yet seen anything. Addy and Lilly are little baby girls not little baby football players. NO MORE JERSEYS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let's try and hope for a fashion miracle this Christmas season:) That those freaking jerseys get misplaced.

Ashley said...

Why are all the Santas so skinny this year!?

jillian said...

I flipped back and looked at the first Colts picture and cannot believe the difference! You could hardly see them before because Jeremy took up the whole picture (no offense Jeremy), now they are up to his shoulders.Unbelievable. You guys do look great and I agree with the hair comment, how do you get it so shiny and healthy looking? It looks like a pantene commercial. Can't wait to see you guys next week!

Christina said...

Oh wow, I love the Santa picture! They are such beautiful girls, just like their Mom!