Thursday, January 17, 2008

5 Months and We Caught A Bug...

I promise you that they smile and laugh, just rarely when the camera is taking their picture! Oh, and let me tell you their laughs are enough to melt your heart. The other day I was taking them both to daycare and Addy was cracking herself up in the backseat and I was crying laughing just listening to her. Addy has this throaty sound that makes her sound like a stalling lawnmower and Lilly, well, she's got this pitchy squeal with the occasional snort.

Lilly caught a bug earlier in the week and was throwing up for a couple bottles, but a good night sleep made her all better the next day. Well, yesterday the same happened for Addy and we thought she was fine today, so we took them to daycare this morning only to get the call that she'd been "kicked out" because she'd thrown up 2 rounds of bottles there. After talking to my pediatrician and realizing it had been over 12 hours since we'd had a wet diaper, they were concerned about dehydration, so we took her in. We were there for almost 3 hours, literally feeding her clear liquids, waiting for her to pee. After a couple episodes where it didn't stay down, if finally went through her and she actually peed all over me and then gave me, the doctor and dad that lawnmower laugh. So, thankfully we averted having to go to the hospital for IV fluids and luckily we have Grandma Jody on call to assist us tomorrow, so I don't have to take a day off work. She'll be good as new in no time. While we were at the doctor's we were commended on the fact that we made it to the 5 month mark and they are just getting their first "real" illness...

While there, we also put our babes on the scale...
Addy--15.25 pounds
Lilly--17.5 pounds

Lilly, snuggling with boyfriend Jacob Dumas


Christina said...

I can't believe they're already five months! I'm glad they're over their first bug.

These girls are just so adorable and that little Jacob is quite a looker, too!

Catherine said...

Aimee & Jeremy,

I had Lasik surgery and now that my vision is perfect I can say that my nieces are even cuter than I thought. And MOST of their outfits are so fashion forward:) Someone with amazing fashion sense obviously loves those little cutie-pies:):)

For the love of all that is holy why is Lilly wearing that atrocious jersey AGAIN, Jeremy? Look at cute little Jacob wearing colors and fabrics found in nature-he looks a little bit afraid of that god-awful poly-blend!!!! Way to scare a tiny little baby Jeremy:(

In the spirit of Martin Luther King why don't you free my little nieces from the fashion tryanny of Colts jerseys?

Can I request "We Shall Overcome" for the baptism?

Jeremy-you know I love you but your fashion sense or rather lack thereof is KILLING me.

Let freedom ring:)

XOXO-Your favorite sister-in-law:)