Tuesday, January 1, 2008

What a long strange year it has been....

Well, here we are the first day of 2008. Jeremy and I have spent the last couple days saying, my a lot has changed in a year, eh?? We opted to forgo our tradition of finding refuge in a cabin in Brown County this year, primarily because the crowd of 7 people that went last year added 4 babies to the picture in the last 12 months, so we all thought staying closer to home would be a better choice. So, we did. We went over the the Cahill's and since even the 2 mile drive isn't the best option after a couple cocktails, we allowed the girls to have their first sleepover with Mallory. I'm sure this is the first of many and all the girls were a bit confused having their breakfast bottle with company!

The holidays were a blur, but we had a blast. A couple first for the girls, they had their first night over at Grandma & Grandpa Ash's house (twice) and they had their first Christmas loading in on some pretty good loot. We've spent the last week or so playing with their new toys and preparing for the dreaded day...tomorrow is their first day in daycare. Yep, Grandma Linda has returned to Pittsburgh to regain control of her life after being our part-time daycare provider for 2 months (yes, she commuted from Pittsburgh to do it). Tomorrow, I go back to work full-time after 5 months of a combination of full-time and part-time leave. My boss and students are saying "It's about time" and I'm saying "Where did the time go?" So, today, I'm mentally preparing and trying to get a positive attitude about the whole thing, but it will be a struggle.

As far as resolutions, Jeremy and I are going to try and trade in our bad language for some better, more kid appropriate words. We thought this would be a good one as it won't be long before Addy & Lilly are talking and we are going to try and avoid their first word being f#*%. We are also back on the bandwagon, committing to losing my last 10 lbs or so from my pregnancy and tone a bit while Jeremy loses some of that sympathy weight he put on for me.

This is another deer in headlights pose, apparently the paparazzi was a little too much for them.
Mallory, Lilly & Addy hanging on the couch after their breakfast bottles.


Catherine said...

Why do my nieces get cuter every day? I love that they are celebrating the new year:) They look so good in hats! I hope the other babies in day care are not jealous of Addy and Lilly amazing shoe wardrobes! They look so cute with baby Mallory-it is so good for their development to be socialized with other babies! Way to be good parents Aimee and Jeremy! I freaking love all the pictures you have posted lately Aimee - they really are little characters!