Saturday, March 22, 2008

Addy and Lilly endorse Obama-Guest Blogger!

Hi everyone - I am Addy and Lilly's proud Aunt Cat - visiting my beautiful nieces for the first time. I am especially proud to announce that Addy and Lilly offer their official endorsement to Barack Obama! They are concerned about their future and after much careful consideration of all the candidates they have decided to endorse the candidate who offers hope and inspiration - and I believe I actually heard one of them say "Yes we can!" They are extemely smart, one even might say, visionary, babies. Earlier today Lilly was wearing a onsie that said "George Bush makes me spit up" which got a little dirty, luckily, we have numerous political onsies.

They are absolutely perfect in every possible way, I say this as an entirely impartial, unbiased observer;) They love reading, playing, and hanging out. When you read to them their huge eyes follow the pages and I would not be surprised to learn that they start reading at a particularly young age (next week!). They make the funniest expressions and sometimes give you a look that makes you believe they know exactly what is going on around them. They both do their best to communicate with you and sometimes get a tiny bit annoyed when you don't understand their "language."

Lilly is most assuredly a diva, when she wants something she does not want to wait for it. She has woken up around 3 AM both nights I have been here. I am convinced she just wants me to go in and say hello, so I go in and then we wait outside mom and dad's bedroom for one of them to come out. I thought we might have gotten a bit more than we bargained for when dad answered the door the first night not entirely dressed! She is the sweetest, kindest baby - her smile is incandescent and her whole face lights up when she sees her mom and dad.

Addy is a little bit quieter than Lilly and she does sleep through the night - however she does snore like a drunken sailor so this might be contributing to her sister's sleeplessness. She smiles at you and her eyes crinkle at the corners exactly like my sister's eyes and my own. She is a delight - she rolls all over the place and spends five minutes or so every hour in deep concentrated thought (probably on how her very exsistence has enabled her Aunt Cat to help the economy).

All in all I am completely and totally in love with these tiny, perfect little people.

-Aunt Cat


Christina said...

Catherine, this was a great post and I'm so glad you finally got to meet your beautiful little nieces! I'm also proud to hear they'll be endorsing Obama. However, I thought you were in Hillary's camp...?

Catherine said...

I do not endorse Hillary and I actually have returned her books to the Clinton campaign headquarters. Obama is my man! I hope you are voting (I think you are in PA-outside Philly right??) Vote early and often:)

Anonymous said...

I plan on being absolutely naked tonight when you bring Lilly to our door. You know what my favorite political saying is: "BARACK OUT WITH YOUR COCK OUT"


Christina said...

Yes, we are in PA and Chase and I have been actively getting out the vote for Obama. We're doing out part as best we can, although the fake ID I procured for Chase so he could vote didn't fool the registration people. They're onto us.

Michelle said...

I love that Catherine ambushed the blog! Catherine...I think you need to start your own blog. I think I speak for many when I say it would get a lot of hits and would be read. :) You are very wity! Go Obama!

Jeremy-the Obama quote is a little much don't ya think? You looked at that line and stepped right over it as usual! :)