Saturday, March 8, 2008

Dad's Test

Another week has passed in the Ash house and it has come time for me to venture away on my first real "trip" without my hubby or the girls. I'm traveling to Boston for a work conference. This is the same conference I went to when I was 18 weeks along, but this year it is in Boston instead of Orlando. I'm excited to see old friends from grad school, but I'm still uncertain about leaving my munchkins for 3 1/2 days. Jeremy has called in reinforcements, so Grandma Jody and Grandma Linda are both helping, so we'll just have to wait and see...

Eating continues to be an adventure. Lilly is doing well, she hates peas and bananas, but could eat sweet potatoes for days. Here is her best post dinner picture...

Addy on the other hand is a disaster. She is Ms. Independence and insists on doing it herself, she grabs the spoon and when you take it out of her hand, she screams. So, you end up putting food on a spoon, giving it to her, she gets a small amount into her mouth, then yank the spoon away and shove another one in her hand with food on it before she notices the first one is gone. It's quite comical. Here is her post dinner picture.

Jen continues to be such a blessing for us. We consider ourselves so fortunate that she is able to watch our girls. They adore her and light up when she walks into the room. Here's a picture of her with them.
Lastly, here is a picture of them in their "work stations" they are busy little bees and still love the colors and noises of these contraptions.

That's it for this week. Aunt Cat--Happy Birthday! Everyone else, say a little prayer that mom AND dad survive the week.


Catherine said...

Thanks for the happy wishes Addy and Lilly! It is hard for your Aunt Cat to turn 29;) I love your office-I far prefer it to my own! I also appreciate that the babies love colors-jewel tones are in for spring:) The pictures of them eating are pretty funny-I wish I could say that I don't use any facial scrubs that make my face look far too similar to theirs' in those pictures;)

A-I am sure Jeremy will be fine-he will show the babies tons of great moments in sports and dress them like little boys. I am so glad that the babies love Jen so much-taking care of Jonathan, Addy and Lilly-sounds like Jen is a bit superhuman!


Meg said...

Have a safe trip! Hopefully the time flies so you are back with your angels in no time! It will be good father-daughter bonding time for Jeremy I am sure!

Anonymous said...


Just wanted to give everyone an update on "flying solo". Currently both girls are laying on the ground in the family room crying and screaming. I have become quite accustomed to thier screams and at this point it sounds as if there is a low hum in the background.

I accidently dropped Lilly yesterday....she seamed fine for hitting her head so hard. Her eyes kept rolling in the back of her head for some reason.

As for Addy, I let her crawl around this afternoon and before I knew it she had rolled into the laundry room and had her hands in the bleach and other cleaning supplies.

It looks like it's about nap time.............FOR ME!

Jeremy "Father of the Year" Ash

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