Monday, August 25, 2008

Doctors visit and 2 walkers!

Today is one of those days where I feel we have put in a full days work without even making it to afternoon naps! We had an 8 a.m. doctor's appointment and got their 1 year stats. For those of you that care, here are the numbers...
Lilly weighed in at 24 pounds, 6 ounces (89th percentile), 30 1/2 inches long (84th percentile) and a 47.7 head circumfrance (97th percentile). She was a rock star at the appointment, making friends with all the nurses and only crying for a minute after shots (I brought Cheese-its for comfort food, yes, we are a family of emotional eaters). Addy's new favorite and 3rd official word is turtle, yes, turtle. She says it clear as day when you show her the turtle toys that float with her during bathtime. She also spent the doctor's appointment pointing to the butterflies, ladybugs and fireflies on the wallpaper in the office and proudly announcing "turrrrttttle." It was a riot. Anyway, her stats...22 pounds, 8 ounces (69th percentile), 30 1/4 inches long (78th percentile) and 49 head circumfrance (98th percentile).

We also know now, more than ever that 1-year olds love taking things out of places and (only sometimes) putting them back. This entertains the girls for hours. Toy bunny goes in the sand bucket, out of the sand bucket, giraffe goes in the toy box, out of the toy box, book goes in the get the idea. So here are my little organizers--when do you think I can teach them to color-code?

"I thought I could pick out Dad's oatmeal flavor today?"-Lilly

"Mom, I'd help you fold them back in the basket, but I think you do a better job."-Addy

Lastly, as with all milestones in this house, it doesn't become official until you have a witness and you catch it on film, so here are our walkers.


Christina said...

They are cuter than words can say!

My mom and I were just saying how much they look like you and Catherine. I can't believe they are walking!! Soon it will be their first dance recital!

Catherine said...

Girls - you can walk!!!!!! I am so proud of you;) You both walk a little bit the way I did when I first started to walk in stilettos.
Walking is hard, especially in heels.

I have to bring up a sad, sad point though - as I was looking through the approximately 7,000 pictures of your first birthday I noticed that someone has conspired with your father against your poor Aunt Cat and purchased Peyton Manning electric blue polyester jerseys for you both. Sadly, I should have anticipated this tragedy and been there to prevent it. Your father also informed me (gleefully) that my fashionable sister has also purchased a jersey:(

I sincerely hope Aimee has the fire marshal on speed dial because that much polyester has got to be some kind of hazard. On my next business trip to California I will however be able to see you from the plane as that much electric blue is probably visible from space. Jeremy - you and I are going to have a big fight next time I see you!!!!!! I hold you ultimately responsible for this fashion travesty. Girls - good work on everything else though - talking, walking, making friends:)

Christina - so funny you say that they look like us - Aimee just had their portraits taken and there is a picture of them in front of a fence, in profile, that is freakishly similar to a portrait of me, Aimee, and Jonathan taken by this english photographer Jean Woodall that I have. I do think Addy and Lilly have the exact same coloring which of course means I will assist them when they are learning to wear make-up. (Otherwise known as part of my 100 part series in getting back at Jeremy for the jersey fiasco).

Anonymous said...

please,please no dance recitals--we do not even want to think about lessons and how many costumes they can wear just once in their lives!!!! I do not see them sharing costumes even once!!! Aimee does a great job of recycling so maybe she can calm Jeremy's blood pressure by promising to obtain dance costumes from the slightly used shop----good luck with that because it never worked with A& C and although sisters they were not twins !!!!!I think we should ask Aunt Cat to sign them up for a whole life make-up program so they get into the swing of this incredibly expensive and so uncalled for female infatuation!! You have to see and feel those baby's skins---it is perfect!!!!Admitadly we are slightly biased but.........Grandpa ian

Dumas Family said...

I told you Addy was very close!! YEY for two walkers...they are amazing! Can't wait to hang out soon. Loves,MD

Anonymous said...

Aimee - Addy and Lilly are absolute dolls... I especially love their swim suits. They are going to be as fashionable as their Mom! Belvia