Thursday, August 7, 2008

Nothing a sleeve of Ritz Crackers can't fix...

So, here's the deal...Addy HATES her car seat. I've been battling this for over a month now. Everyone I spoke to was cautiously optimistic that when it came time to move from rear-facing to forward-facing, it would be a new day and she'd love riding in the car. Well, I couldn't wait, so when we were at the Doctor's last week for a second ear infection for Ms. Lilly, I had them both weighed, we passed the weight limits and I moved the seats around (yes, 2 weeks early, don't tell the car seat cops). This move coincided with the fact that I drove around a cherry red Impala for 4 days while my Pilot was in the shop from my minor ($3K in damage--thank God for insurance) fender bender that happened in the gas station parking lot...but this is a whole other story. Anyway, there wasn't an SUV or minivan for us to rent, so I took the Impala, turned the girls around and got ready for newfound freedom and peaceful driving. I was wrong, she still hates the carseat. Other advice I've gotten is, just keep driving, make sure she's in that car atleast once a day. So, we've been in the car atleast once a day. From 2 minute trips to the grocery or 2 hours to the lake, she doesn't like it. She'll alternate from a whine to a full-blown cry to a high pitched squeal. It isn't pleasant. Any advice hear? So far the only thing that works is to keep passing back Ritz crackers, but I'm not sure this is a very healthy method. Maybe we could get on a commercial....

We managed to make it up to the Lakehouse last weekend and Mallory accompanied, so here are some cute shots....still no verdict on the camera.

Back on the wagon (literally) and yes, they are still in PJ's--we were functioning on lake time.

Daddy and his girls--taken just a couple days before his 29th birthday--Happy Birthday Daddy!

"Heeeeyyyy"--Check out those teeth--Addy now has 7, Lilly has 8!


Christina said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the new blog design! It's really cute.

Chase is not a huge fan of his car seat either. From about age 4 months, he started to complain very vocally every time we tried to strap him in. We hoped when we switched him from the infant carrier to the regular convertible seat (still rear facing) he would be okay, but that wasn't in the cards. Any car trip involved one of us riding in the back with him every time we got in the car, which probably only played into his little "I hate my carseat; what are you going to do about it?" game.

Anyway, this went on and on until we got stuck in massive traffic on the way back from DC a month ago or so. He was in the backseat by himself for about four or five hours, and he howled a good portion of the trip, which was not fun for any of us. We stopped once, so I could nurse him and change him, but then he had to go back to the car seat. He hated it, but I think by the end of the trip he learned that he was going to have to deal with the car seat thing.

I like to think it was a fierce battle of wills that we ultimately won. I guess it was kind of like Ferberizing to the car seat, and in this case it seems to have worked. That being said, he still does fuss in his car seat occasionally now, but usually for no more than five minutes, and then he settles right down. I don't know if that helps you or not, but this is the longest comment I have ever left on any blog ever, so there's always that to be proud of.

Catherine said...

ACK! I remember Addy in the carseat - she is not a fan:( They are both getting so big - almost 1!!! I don't know what to tell you to do - climbing throught the Pilot to sit in between the girls and sing the itsy-bitsy spider on an endless loop was not the funnest thing I did on my trip! I am not sure what to try next - maybe children's music?? They both seem to really like music - I do have my fingers crossed that they are not tone deaf like their Aunt Cat!!!! It cracks me up how much they like Mallory's wagon!!!!! I miss the girls so much and wish I could hang out at the big Splash-apolozza with the cool kids:) Happy almost Birthday Jeremy - one more day till the big 2-9!!!!

Laura said...

Sorry Sam hasn't hit the "hate the carseat" phase yet. We're still working on the separation anxiety.

The new blog design is adorable and the girls look so big!