Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day 2008

Addy & Lilly say "Get out and Vote!"
I can't wait to tell them that during the first presidential election of their lives, their homestate (Indiana) went BLUE for the first time since 1964!


Anonymous said...

This blog is about their achievements.

Please remove this unfair attempt for people to vote for NOBAMA.

Maybe your girls can dress as Sarah Palin for Holloween next year.

Ashley said...

Wow, you up there... ^^

If you don't like who she is voting for, maybe you just shouldn't read the blog. And I hardly think that just because Aimee puts a picture up of the girls in Obama t-shirts that everyone who reads it will run and vote for him. They'll probably vote for him because they like what he stands for and they like what he is going to do for the country. I really don't think that people will run out and for him because they saw two toddlers supporting him. So, just cool your jets or don't come back and read the blog. It's that simple. One more thing, anonymous... really? Why so shy?

You are doing a stellar job with the girls!! :) They are getting so big and they are gorgeous!! I miss you tons and we'll have to rendezvous a trip to SVS soon. Well, take care and keep up the good work!!

Catherine said...

Great job girls! I am so proud that you are so civic minded and civil unlike a very unfriendly blog reader. I made a bet with your dad that if Indiana goes blue I will purchase an electric blue Colts jersey and have my picture taken in it with my beloved nieces:) That's right - I have talked alot of smack about Indiana, but I will be really impressed if Indiana goes blue. Aimee and Jeremy - good job on raising girls who are concerned about the important issues of our time, who endorse a candidate who does not practice the worst kind of divisive politics. I am going to go and vote now (kind of worried that DC won't be at 95% for Obama!) Love your activism girls!

Christina said...

Way to go, Ash family!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Indiana goes blue (and that Pennsylvania stays that way)!

I love the shirts. Yes we can!

Catherine said...

Girls - you did it:) IN went for Obama! I cannot wait to wear my Colts jersey (well that's not entirely true) but still I cannot believe it! I take back every mean thing I ever said about Indiana (and that's not a small amount). I don't however take back the mean things I said about anonymous. Well done girls! I give you and your Grandpa Ash credit for getting the vote out!

Anonymous said...

Well the girls supported their first political winner and we can't wait to see them this weekend to celebrate!!!! I am looking forward to seeing your Aunt Cat in her Colts jersey---Jeremy ,you must hold her to her promise on November 14 th( and take lots of photos) which is coming up fast!!!!
Grandpa Ian

Lili said...

I can't wait to see Aunt Cat in her Colt's Jersey! Jeremy- I think you should get it personalized on the back with her name so she can wear it ALL the time! (cat- please forgive me for that comment, but I couldn't resist!)

Christina said...

Way to go girls! I think the Ash girls can take some personal pride in turning Indiana from red to blue. Yea!!

jillian said...

Go Blue! Way to go Indiana! The crowd went crazy at Grant Park when they announced that Obama won Indiana, it was awesome. I love the support!