Sunday, November 30, 2008

We survived...

We all survived a pretty nasty stomach flu and finally a week after it started, we feel back to normal. We managed to celebrate Thanksgiving with Jeremy's family and hopefully kept germs to ourselves. Jeremy and I planned to head to Louisville for a wedding with friends last night and we couldn't get there. The girls were so needy and we just didn't feel like we could leave them, so we stayed up at the lakehouse with Grandma & Grandpa Ash. I head to Denver this week for a board meeting of the organization I'm working with, so dad's on duty with help from my mom and his. Hopefully everyone stays healthy. Here's some pics from our Thanksgiving!

"Now, Grandpa Dave, tell me what card you are looking for and I'll try my sweet talk."--Lilly

"Uncle Joe, does your belly hurt from all that yummy food, I think I have heartburn."--Addy
"Yep, definately heartburn..."(Lilly on left, Addy on the right)
PS. Aunt Cat--we are sorry you are sick, do pictures of us make you feel better???? Get well soon!


jillian said...

How do the girls still look so cute in the middle of a week long stomach flu battle?? So glad you guys are feeling better, we were worried, I can't believe it lasted that long. We missed you at the wedding and are excited to see you over Christmas.

Catherine said...

Girls - pictures of you do make me feel better! You look adorable in your little red sweater dresses:) I wish you were not gambling and drinking beer....your Uncle Joe and Grandpa Ash are working on your social development I see;) I am afraid that some kind of plague got to all of us - - maybe from all those bubbles at the Children's museum? I hope you girls are good for your Dad and grandmas this week! Have fun in Denver Aimee:)

Christina said...

I'm so glad that you're all feeling better. Knock on wood, we've been so lucky in that department (not all being sick at the same time) and I am so relieved for you guys that everyone is doing better!

The girls look so cute in their Thanksgiving outfits!

GranBecks said...

Your Thanksgiving looked like fun despite your flu! I love the red dresses with that beautiful green chair. Reminds me of how much fun Christmas will be this year. Denver?