Thursday, January 22, 2009

So you think you can dance?

Here are our contestants...





Happy Thursday Everyone!


Catherine said...

Addy & Lilly really know how to rock out! Good grief they are good dancers - but Lilly's singing voice, well sadly I think she might have inherited her tone-deafness from our side of the family! They are both getting down though! Seriously this might be my favorite blog entry of all time;) Aimee - I assume you have taught them these dance moves??? Good work:)

Kindra Lang said...

Those are adorable dancers!!! I love the "singing" that goes with it. You gotta love toddlers. Priceless!

Anonymous said...

You can really see their different personalities and degree of extroversion in the dance moves and you should have heard Lilly singing along to the hymms at Holy Family church!!! Great job ,Aimee, in videotaping those performances---love them .
Hugs and kisses,
Grandpa Ian

Rhyme and Reason said...

So cute! I feel like a dancing wave is going around the blog world (see Chase and 4tunate)! We should keep it going...especially since apparently at this age dancing is a wonderful activity! Don't you just love how they will stop in the tracks the moment they hear anything remotely like a song and start dancing! Hysterical and lovely! :) Love you!

Lili said...

2 words: LAKER GIRLS!

Those videos were so cute! they are so adorable. I hope I can meet them really soon and we can have a dance party!
Addy and Lilly- you should ask your Aunt Cat about midnight breakfast at GW and the dance parties there ;)
Lilly's singing is hilarious!

Teague said...

I love the last video, Lilly throws in a random head bob from side to side that was completely unexpected! True talent there. And they have such beautiful voices!! So adorable.

Teague said...

This is Jillian by the way, just realized I was logged in as Teague! Although he enjoyed the videos as well.

Kristina said...

Aimee- no more singing from you while the video camera is on... just kidding!!! They are so adorable and they love them some dancing...!!