Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Snowman Challenge/Look what we learned

No Addy, Lilly and I are not taking credit for this, it is in our neighborhood and I've been rolling down the windows to show them everytime we pass by....isn't it incredible?
I'm also going to start doing some posts called "Look what we learned" because I feel like they are learning SO fast, I can't even keep up. Each day is something new....

We learned that the rocking horse sitting in the corner of our playroom for a year now, can be a good time. They can now climb up and onto it themselves and rock it.

We are learning body parts--Head, Nose, Ear, Teeth, Eye and Toes, just to name a few!

We learned having a twin sister can be fun--we chase and wrestle and even tickle each other! Thankfully it isn't ALL about fighting over toys...

We learned to sit on big girl chairs and stay there all the way through breakfast!

We learned if we stand at the window pounding for long enough, Grandpa Ian will take us on a walk, even if it is cold out--SUCKER! (WE LOVE YOU GRANDPA!)


Anonymous said...

You did not get a good shot of the Steeler emblem on the back of my jacket---I was simply demonstrating that in Pittsburgh we take that kind of weather in our stride!!I already miss those munchkins a whole lot!!
grandpa Ian

Catherine said...

Who isn't wrapped around Addy & Lilly's little fingers? Good work getting a ride girls! I am so happy you are using your cute rocking horse. You guys are getting so big! I miss you two so much - I am hoping to come and visit you guys over Easter - maybe I can sneak you some candy when your mom is not around!