Sunday, February 22, 2009

Warning...long post!

We had Grandma & Grandpa Sadler with us this weekend, which worked out well because I've had a pretty nasty headcold, making my brain feel like it is too big for my head--not good.
Grandma had the idea that she was going to cook with the girls. Most mothers are reading this and thinking that 18 months is much too young to cook with kids, but she managed to pull it off. They made cookies, spelled their names in the dough and loved the activity as well as the dress up outfits that accompanied the activity. Personally, I think Grandma went a little overboard, but isn't that what Grandma's are for??
Step 1: Find a kid-friendly surface they can reach--teach them to push and roll the dough

Step 2: Assist them in using the cookie-cutter letters

Step 3: Let them sprinkle

Step 4: Ignore the cries as they go into the oven (they thought at this point they were gone for good)

Step 5: Look really cute playing in the mess while the cookies bake

Step 6: Admire your work

I'd be lying to the blogosphere if I said this week was all sugar and sprinkles. I had a scare with Addy on Monday. While playing at a local bookstore and buying a gift for a friend, she tripped over her own two feet and fell on the corner of a table. Thinking not much of it as she is a big clutz, I calmed her down, made my purchases and began to get their coats on. As this was happening, she began to wail and I saw the eye beginning to swell. We drove the 5 miles home and in that time, her eye swelled shut and she wailed and wailed. Thankfully, it was President's day and my mother-in-law was off work. I made a frantic call to the pediatrician that went something like this...

"Okay, so she took a fall, is she bleeding?"

"No, but blood is pooling underneath the skin and this bubble looks ready to pop."

"Does it look like broken blood vessels?"


"Did she go unconscious?"


"Did she seize?"


"Did she vomit?"


"Does she have leakage from her ears, nose or eyes."
"No-but you are really freaking me out here!"

"Ma'am, these are standard questions with a head injury, would you feel better if you brought her in?"


Grandma Jody came to watch Lilly and I took Addy in. They said she was lucky, she could have fractured the bone above the eye or worse landed on the eye and had serious issues, but this was just a 'surface wound'. I've said before that she is my fearless daughter and I have a feeling I have a lot more injuries like this one ahead of us, but I swear I aged 5 years in an hour. Here's a picture of the wound, but honestly it doesn't do it justice. She looked like she'd been in a bar fight most of the week.

My Addy, still all-smiles a few hours after the incident when some of the swelling had gone down.


jillian said...

So scary, I'm so glad she is okay!

Your mom is a brave woman, but it looks like everything worked out perfectly. I love that that profile picture of Lilly checking out her cookies looks just like you!

jen lev said...

OH those little chefs are DARLING!!! Miss you guys!

Lesa said...

Aimee, Welcome to the club.....I had one that visited the ER every six months or so.....the other just required me to have Poison control on speed dial (which I'm sure you have the stickers posted).
That is what gave me my gray hair!

Catherine said...

Aimee, I think Addy takes after her had more scrapes and bruises and broken bones than anyone else. I love you but I have to say I always found it a teensy bit ironic that you named one of your kids "Grace." I think you have emotional grace but physical grace....well the jury's still out on that one;)

The girls look like proper chefs. I am very impressed with their outfits - they do like to dress for the occasion. They look so good in hats. I always wished I could pull hats off, but I just cannot. I am THRILLED to have people to buys hats for though;)

Hope you are feeling better A!