Thursday, June 11, 2009

22 months

As this summer continues and we explore, splash, play and finish every day more filthy than the night before, I can't help but remember 2 summers ago. I was nervious, anxious, uncomfortable and HUGE. Now, my days go by quickly as I chase after my almost 2 year olds! It's crazy to me that they are 22 months today.

I continue to be surprised at how different they are in all aspects: physical appearance, developmentally, socially, in play and in affection.
Addy's hair has lightened in the sun and we get comments all the time of, "Are they twins, but one has brown hair and one has red."...My canned response is that one looks like mommy and one looks like daddy, but that isn't entirely true. Addy has my facial features and looks a lot like my sister and I did growing up with her dad's coloring. Addy is all my coloring and daddy's facial structure. Addy is hyperactive a lot of the time. She's good at independent play, but also tries to keep up with the big kids in the neighborhood. She tends to 'play like a boy' throwing toys, loving balls, jumping off couches and RUNNING everywhere. However, when the moment strikes her, she comes to find me, pulls at my leg and says 'ug' when she needs a hug from melts my heart every time. She's very verbal now, but continues to be outshined by her sister in this department. Usually because Lilly "shows off" a bit more than she does.

Lilly is our chatter box right now, never stops talking and loves to illustrate her skills to anyone that will listen. I picked them up out of childcare at the YMCA this week and one of the male workers that plays with them a lot asked where their grandparents had a lake house...surprised since I didn't remember telling him this, he told me that Lilly had told him when he asked what she did this past weekend. "Ga Ga....Lake...Boat...Ga Ga." You were absolutely right Lilly, we went to Grandma's lakehouse and took a ride on Grandpa's boat. How did you get to be so smart? She continues to love books, taking them to bed with her now. She tests my patience because she's stubborn and wants to do things her way. I'm still wondering where she gets that from...She is affectionate and gives the best bear hugs and sloppy wet kisses.

Ashley (a sorority sister, former neighbor, fellow multiple mom and friend) and I finally got our kids together for a walk. After getting through 2 years with twins, the idea of triplets is crazy. You can tell Addy & Lilly weren't sure of it either. The neighbors must have thought we were running some kind of in-home daycare. You can check out Ashley's crew at:

Grandma Jody has stored this dollhouse, made by Grandpa Dave's mother when they were expecting Jeremy, for 30 years. She's cleaned it up, got some new furniture for it and it is every girls DREAM. They are lucky (I never had stuff like this growing up :-)! I say frequently that it all kids in the world were LOVED the way these girls are by our extended family and friends, we would have a lot less social problems--thanks for all who continue to help us raise bright & beautiful girls!


Jennifer said...

What great girls and what a great tribute to them!

Catherine said...

Triplets! Wow. That is CRAZY. I thought the double stroller was rough - I would have killed someone with a triple stroller.

Addy & Lilly look so happy:) I love it:) A - I love their outfits in all these pictures:) Seriously their little tanks and jeans with their pink kicks is darling. Why didn't Jeremy like playing with his dollhouse? Seems like it would be right up his alley;)

I am not at all surprised that they are effective communicators! From my neuropsychology classes I learned that verbal reasoning stems from the same part of the brain as fashion sense. And that it mostly comes from the maternal side;) Jeremy - you know I love you!

Have a great vacation guys! I'll miss the blog postings A - but am sure you will be too busy downing margaritas:)

Brooke said...

Oh Aimee, they are so big girl! Birthday number 2 is so close! Give them hugs from Tyson, Jaxson and Dakota!! I agree with Catherine, the twin stroller is big enough for us ... Tyson walks alot now :)

jillian said...

Great post! Just got caught up on the last two weeks and it looks like you guys have gotten the summer off to a great start. Hope you have a great vacation...sounds like you are already enjoying yourselves in Dallas :)