Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Good times with old friends..

Addy & Lilly continue to be some of the most socialized 2 year-olds around, we have constant visitors and LOVE every minute of it! Here are some pictures with some old friends who we've gotten to hang out with over the last few weeks....

Brooke, from, came a few weeks ago with her little ones. She's a friend from high school and since she joined the world of multiple mommies, recently, our friendship has only strengthened. I bragged in an earlier post about her babies, but they are only beautiful because she is! Inside and out--and she loves some Ash love!
Jamie & Stephanie were my college roommates, sorority sisters and more! We see Jamie periodically, but a visit from Stephanie last weekend was a treat and them together was twice the fun. The last time I saw Steph was at my baby shower! Anyway, I wouldn't want to be sipping Sangrias on a Sunday afternoon with anyone else...thanks for the visit!
Auntie Yen (aka Jenny) was a graduate school roommate of mine, bridesmaid in my wedding, co-cross-country road tripper...the list goes on. She always manages to squeeze in a visit despite a crazy schedule and spoils the girls with outfits, lollipops and a lot of love!
Abbe helps me survive the summer up at Lake Tippecanoe, typically surrounded by the boys! She's the girlfriend of Jeremy's parents best friends' son (did you follow?) Her boyfriend is 1 of 3 boys, as is Jeremy, so here we are contributing to the girliness factor.


Brooke said...

Love you Aimee! I am so greatful for our friendship ... and you are so right ... I gotta have my Ash love!!

Paige said...

Hey! I just got your comment on my blog! Thank you so much for the great suggestion, I will definitely try that out. I just browsed your blog and your daughters are DARLING! Have a great day!