Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Busy Days and the Road to the Superbowl

We've been busy around here as we continue to try and fill our winter days and stay healthy at the same time.

We went to a Silly Safari's event a while back, but I never posted a picture. The girls were skeptical at first, but when Safari Dan asked for volunteers to pet a monkey, Addy didn't wait for her name to be called, she just walked up and joined the 2 kids he did call on. Her face when he told her that his monkey ate gummy bears was priceless. Jeremy and I were convinced she'd eat the gummy before ever feeding the monkey, but she held onto it and fed on cue. Lilly rearranged all the chairs in the back of the gym before announcing loud enough for everyone to hear that it was time to go. We went swimming the same weekend at an indoor pool and Lilly loved every minute while Addy sat outside the pool, teeth chattering, playing with the plastic toys. At 2 1/2, they are already opinionated about how to spend their social time.

Jenny came to visit from NC and the girls like having visitors as much as I do!
We spend a lot of time reading as our bedtime routine sometimes lasts an hour. This particular night they wanted nothing to do with their beds and built themselves a nest on the floor. We are learning to pick our battles as far as bedtime/naptime is concerned.
We are proud Indy residents as our Colts head to the Superbowl. We watched last weekends game with some of our favorite people. I got my 'baby fix" hanging out with this guy:

As I was holding him, I was also thinking about our friends, the McKenzie's, who welcomed Lilly to the world last week. Can't wait to meet her! Meanwhile, the girls were getting rowdy, eating these:

Yes, Aunt Cat, 2 more weeks of jersey-wearing! Let's go Colts!


Catherine said...

I may have to change my homepage if my little darlings are going to be subjected to non-stop highly flammable jerseys for fourteen more days:( Tragic. I just don't understand why Jeremy cannot be a fan of a team with a nice normal color (preferably one found in nature) jersey. The baby is cute but we, your readers, have no idea who it is. I hope you did not just randomly pick up a baby and take pictures!

Good job with the monkey Addy! Good work with all the swimming Lilly!

Joanna said...

Addy nice that you are the next Bindi Irwin!

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