Saturday, January 23, 2010

We love you Daddy!

Well, we love you unless Mommy's in the house, then we love her and we want her to dress us, feed us, bathe us, brush our teeth, read to us, etc. It has gotten a bit out of control around here with "MOMMY do it", "Go away Daddy" and total meltdowns all common occurrences. They sense I'm a total sucker and I end up coming to the rescue just to avoid the tears that are inevitable. Must get thicker skin. Must get thicker skin. Must get thicker skin.

Bedtime sagas continue, they gave up around 9 tonight. Lilly has taken to sleeping in her "big girl" bed turned around against the wall, so she can't get out and best of all-Addy can't get in. She literally asks to be covered OVER her head and tries to sleep while Addy sometimes takes 2 hours to 'come down' from the day and fall asleep, more often than not, on the floor in a giant nest of blankets and pillows she has made for herself. The yelling/screaming/tantrums have stopped, but my ugly-mom personality rears its face most nights.

On a positive note, we had successes on the potty tonight and its small victories like that which prove to me that they are listening and we are making progress, just progress on their timetables, not mine.

Jeremy & Addy's comparable shots, around 15 months...whaddya think???


Jenny said...

Aimee, I'm just catching up, reading about all your bedtime battles, and I can totally relate. It's nice to see another competent mother be so honest about the struggles of it, and the lengths we got to to get them to sleep. I'm there, and have been there, so, so, many times. Sending you sleepy vibes...and am always open to getting and giving suggestions! :) Good luck!
(we also have one girl who looks like each of us, though we are waiting so see who our son looks like!)

Catherine said...

I can only imagine how insufferable Jeremy is being about the Colts these days. I have no doubt that my poor nieces are most likely being subjected to those nightmarish flammable electric blue jerseys nonstop. Unfortunate.

Jeremy - you look good as a blond;) Maybe we can go to the salon and get some highlights together next time I am in Indianapolis.

オテモヤン said...