Sunday, February 7, 2010

Budding Artists

Jeremy and I have little to no artistic talent, but the girls are loving craft time lately. They frequently get into the car after their preschool program, proudly displaying their painting/picture/coloring page of the day and yelling "I show Ga Ga Jody." Knowing that their teacher-grandmother will be the most impressed with their creation. Ga-Ga Jody's reaction never disappoints them and boosts their artistic ego when she visits. We stayed home most of the day Friday, (heeding blizzard warnings) and painted, played with play-dough and colored on a giant piece of paper roll.

And here are a few of their drawings, I titled them so you can see what they told me they drew--loving the imaginations of a 2 year-old!

To update on the sleeping sagas, naptime is back in full-force, sleeping peacefully in the afternoon every day since the splitting. Bedtime is harder as both girls want our attention and when putting them down solo, they tend to get pretty upset. Addy will frequently say that she wants to sleep with her sissy, while Lilly has embraced the freedom and the peacefulness of her own room. I haven't tackled decorating Addy's room yet, but that will be an upcoming project. You can see what is now Lilly's room here and if you have ideas for Room #2, I'm taking them!


Catherine said...

That is some good drawing! I love them in their panda tees - they look super cute:) I hope they are helping their dad recover from Colts induced depression.