Monday, February 8, 2010

Sometimes we forget...

Sometimes we forget our little munchkins are ONLY 2! We stay up at night and talk about how fun it will be to camp and fish and swim and hike with them and when it snows, we get as excited as we used to when we were kids.

So, when Indy got hit with 7 inches last week, what else was there to do? We layered up and head out to the hill Jeremy had "scouted" earlier in the week with our 2 shiny new sleds. The wind chills were in the single digits....not winning any parenting awards on this one. One trip down each (Daddy & Lilly on the left/Addy & Mommy on the right) and then in the car and home for hot chocolate...I guess there is always next year?

For now, we'll stick to the "bunny hill" in our neighbors yard, video linked, here.


the kringalings said...

Snow went much better for us this year. V wouldn't even step foot in the snow last year. She was down-hillin' it this year. It will come!

Never know until you try!

Jillian said...

At least you got one run in! And at the very least it's a good excuse for hot chocolate.

Glad to hear nap time is in full swing, that's awesome! I'll have to think about a new theme for Addy's room, Land of Nod is always a good choice :)

Kristina said...

They'll be talking about it later now that they got a little taste of sledding.