Thursday, June 3, 2010

Interview with Addy--34 months

Yep, we are just 2 months shy of having 3 year olds! I'm hoping to kiss the terrible two's goodbye and for those of you that tell me 3 is worse, I'm praying you are wrong. Don't get me wrong, for the most part Addy is this wonderfully, engaged, polite, little person. She's the first to say "Thank-you for taking me to the park today, mommy" or "I had such a great fun time with my friend today, mommy". However, when she stresses out, she stresses out, she yells, throws tantrums & screams at the top of her lungs. She's as active as ever and runs FAST. She eats well and sleeps better than anyone else in our house (mostly because we separated her from her sister). She is also quick to tell me that she'll stop wearing diapers on her birthday. You can compare these answers to what she said in November here.

Addy, what's your favorite color? "Red"

What's your favorite song? "ummmmmm, Tinkle, Tinkle, Little Star and the ABC's"

What's your favorite book? "Elmo Loves Me"

What's your favorite food? "Watermelon"

What's your favorite thing to do inside? "Play with babies, blankets and water bottles" (THIS IS SO TRUE!)

What's your favorite thing to do outside? "Go to the park with my friends"

Who's your best friend? "Mallory"

What's your favorite thing to have for breakfast? "Pancakes and dip"

What's your favorite game? "Bug game"

"Hey mom, wanna play that game, right now?" Sure babe--let's go play...


Jillian said...

Great interview, it makes her seem so grown up! Not sure about that game though, plastic spiders do not sound fun to me.

Brooke said...

This is cute! Wow ... almost three!

I am glad I was not the one to break the news to you ... 3 was harder for me than 2. However, I did bring two new babies home six months before we hit 3 ... I'm just sayin' :)