Sunday, October 24, 2010

Didn't Pumpkin Patches Used to Be About Pumpkins?

Maybe some places they still are, but around here, pumpkin patches seem to be about ANYTHING but the pumpkins! Pony rides, check. Hayride, check. Giant inflatables, check. Trains, check. Anyway, despite having some strong-willed opinionated little girls this weekend, we managed to make it tantrum free for a couple hours to enjoy the fall weather and pick our pumpkins!

On the hayride

Burning off energy on the 'giant cloud'

They loved this!
Lilly, smiling in order to get the camera out of her face :-)

Addy, typically too busy for pictures

Addy's getting to be a pro at the pony rides!

Lilly finally got on! After watching for a while, with Daddy by her side, she was willing!

Almost too big to carry
Perfect size!

They weren't overly enthusiastic for this contraption, but entertained us nonetheless!

All smiles--fun family day!


Catherine said...

Aimee - these pictures are great! The girls look so happy and so BIG! You don't have babies anymore. I love that Lilly wants the biggest pumpkin in the whole lot! I am sure they cannot wait till Halloween and all the candy:) Good luck next weekend guys.

Katie said...

question- was your oil drum train pulled by a guy driving a four-wheeler? Because that's how we roll in Montana.

Anonymous said...

Only two comments--i cannot believe it!!! i find it also difficult to believe how big an event Halloween has become.the pictures are adorable--they look especially cute on the ponies!! Have you heard Lilly try to imitate the rooster which is there and does a wonderful "cock a doodle do"---Lilly's not so much but impressively loud.Ga Ga ian

Jillian said...

Funny you posted this because my friends were just telling me about a pumpkin patch nearby that has giraffes, camel rides, cows, pigs and piglet races! Crazy. It all makes for great pictures though!

Jenny said...

Awesome day. Our pumpkin patch day was about everything OTHER than pumpkins, because of the short summer they were all so small or green. Still thankfully for all the other "stuff" we managed to have a fun, albeit wet and cold time! Your beauties look fabulous, hay is their color! :)