Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pinch me--I'm dreaming!

Between A & L's snotty noses, a flu bug that kicked the s@# * out of me and Jeremy's constant allergies, the house needed a good cleaning--is it too early to start a chore chart??? (I PROMISE THEY ACTUALLY THOUGHT IT WAS FUN!)


Anonymous said...

Looks like child labor to me!!!However the photos will be useful when they are 15 and you can point to them and say how helpful in cleaning up the house, never mind just their bedroom ,they were when only 3 years old!!!
GaGa Ian

Jenny said...

Oh gosh no! Addie has a chore chart! She and Lily LOVE helping me, and since we use all natural cleaners and stuff, I let them disinfect knobs...wipe the floorboards (honestly they love it and it's a chore I hate doing, never get to, and don't care how good it is!), vacuuming is an argument at our house, who gets to do it and how long!

I'm glad that your girls think helping out is so fun. It's really important that they start "chipping in" early and see that it can be a family fun day, and not something to be dreaded.

We give a dime per check mark at the end of the week. They have 3 banks, giving, spending, saving. They must put something in each. Occasionally we go to the bank and deposit $1.30 a piece from their saving banks. They LOVE it.

I say, keep it up!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Dad. Save these pics as evidence. Before you know it, they'll be looking at you like your crazy when it comes to cleaning. They are pretty cute little helpers though.
GaGa Jody

Anonymous said...

Not at all to early! Our daughter is 18 months and already knows how to help unload and put away dishes (plastic) and put toys away. You could also do things like brushing teeth and getting dressed by themselves. I'll bet they have chores at preschool!

Anonymous said...

I love that pic of Lily! She looks so sweet with her hair like that!