Friday, August 26, 2011


Now that the birthdays are over and school is beginning, I'm reminded how much the girls have grown so quickly. Not just in size, but in their thoughts, their sayings and their actions. I have to remind myself to slow down and thoughtfully answer the 55 'whys?" that come in a day or to help them put the pieces together of something they don't quite understand..."Well I have 6 gaga's (grandparents) and yours lives far away, can you just share mine?"

Addy was getting dressed the other day and told me I needed to close my eyes so I couldn't see her "privacy parts". Lilly asks about boobs and boyfriends, but still says she wants to marry her sister or her dad. They play board games and 'let each other cheat' so the game doesn't end. They swap food and Addy tells Lilly that she can't eat all her cucumbers because then Addy will be the only one that grows big and strong. They look out for each other.

They started playing soccer and are experiencing their first 'real' lessons in teamwork. Jeremy's coaching, so they are also learning about 'sharing' their dad. They are pretty routine oriented and know the days I work and they go to school, they know the days we head to the gym and the days we usually see their friends. Yesterday, was one of those important days when I threw routine out the window and packed the car for a different kind of day. Nothing planned, just me and the girls.


Anonymous said...

What fun just to have a day outside the routine and enjoy exploring---the looks on their faces when paddling in the stream are fabulous.They are growing up far too fast and the questions never stop but curiosity is a wonderful thing.Linda and I laughed when she told me the story of them saying " you can't call Pittsburgh home,here is home Pittsburgh is just where GaGa Ian works." FINAL word!!

Nellie said...

I love that you took a break from everything and just spent time with them. SO important. I am sure it was so special to them too.