Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Put me in Coach!

We made the 1 year commitment for a team sport. We might be crazy and we might regret it by Spring, but we are committed. Jeremy's coaching the team and I have a feeling he'll do some teaching but may learn much more from the experience than the wisdom he imparts. It's been a while since he's been around a sport that doesn't involve gambling spreads, fantasy football rankings and tailgating.

These players are a riot. They may spend more time hydrating off the field than on the field. They may make him crazy because they compliment each other's "outfits". They complain about the velcro on their shin guards and the fact that their cheap mama bought their shoes too big so they'd last the year. Sometimes they run away from the ball or in the wrong direction. They change the drills from sharks and minnows to princesses and princes. They cry.

It's entertainment for the whole family!

Pre-game cuddle on the couch

Addy--totally in her element!
Addy & Daddy

Lilly--told me when I called after the first game that she didn't score a goal, but she'd had fun!

The coach & a few of the crew

Team Cheer

Good game!


Kristin said...

The girls are adorable, they are getting soooo BIG I can not believe they are 4 already! They are so cute! Sounds like they are keeping you very busy! I hope you guys had a great summer and all is wonderful with the family and work!


Lauren said...

Love it! Way to go Jeremy. Never did I think I'd see you coaching 4 year old girls soccer. Makes me smile!