Friday, September 30, 2011

437 questions x2

Thanks goes to my friend over at 4tunate for sharing this sign and helping me realize the source of my insanity! I also think driving alone with the girls may be the worst time. There is no escape and the onslaught of questions never stops. I have one daughter who probably asks this many before lunch! Here's a sampling of what I've heard this week:

-Why is the sky blue?

-What makes the ground smoke in the morning?

-Who picked the names of the colors?

-Why can't we go to the park anymore?

-Do pee and poop come from the same place?

-Why do vacuums make that noise?

-Can I have a snack?

-Why are some dogs big and some dogs small?

-What makes poop smell?

-Where does the poop when you flush?

-Why can't we talk about poop?

-How old do I have to be to wear earrings?

-Can I watch TV?

-What are we doing today?

-What are we doing tonight?

-What are we doing tomorrow?

-Why is 'she' looking at me?

-Why won't 'she' play nice?

-Will you play babies with me?

-Can I call somebody?

-Will you play princess with me?

-Will you play fighter jet plane with me?

-Where did the missing puzzle pieces go?

-Can I help you cook?

-Can we have a dance party?

-Where are my elmo panties?

-When can I have a baby sister?

-When is daddy coming home?

-When is ga ga coming over?

-When is Aunt Cat coming back?

-Why do you have to work?

-Are we there yet?

-When will I learn to read?

-Can I go to dance class?

-What's a bill?

-What is credit cards?

-Are you old?

-When you are old do you go to heaven?

An oldie, but goodie, buried on my camera's memory card--This was the first day of pre-school this year!


Anonymous said...

“He (she) who asks a question is a fool for five minutes; he (she)who does not ask a question remains a fool forever” Delight in those questions and drink wine to survive:) They are both so bright and curious. We're so lucky!!!!
GaGa Jody