Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hilton Head by the numbers

Lilly at the house pool!-she'll tell you she got 51 new freckles on vacation!

Addy--on the beach--most content playing, building, kicking all by herself

We took our first 'real' family vacation since the girls were born. Don't feel bad for us, Jeremy and I have traveled more than the typical couple and we are spoiled to have had some great long family weekends and a family owned lakehouse just a couple hours away. BUT, we hadn't experienced the anguish that is a 13 hour round-trip car trip. We hadn't experienced the sand between our toes and the looks on our kids faces the first time they saw the ocean. We'd never traveled with friends instead of family and the girls didn't know Daddy without his blackberry for 8 straight days. They were in heaven! It is certainly easy to make excuses and say you are saving money or don't have the time, but vacations are important--for both families & couples. Last week reminded us of this. Here's our trip by the numbers:

  • 1650 miles by car

  • 27 hours in the car (I think I drove at least 5 of them!)

  • 13 movies watched

  • 9 bike rides on our rented tandem bikes

  • 114 steps counted at the Harbour Town Lighthouse

  • 5 lbs. of shrimp & fish purchased for our 'at home' fish fry

  • 4 pony rides purchased at the Lawton Stable Animal Farm

  • 1 crab, 1 fish and a mussel caught during Jeremy's attempt at catching crab

  • Family of 5 hosted us for a quick stop-over in ATL--thanks Brooke!

  • 3 Denny's grand slams eaten while mommy speed-shopped at an Atlanta outlet

  • 1 birthday celebrated with a special date night at Red Fish

  • 3 wishes the girls made when they got home: a baby brother, a pool in the backyard and a pony (This vacation may have gotten way more expensive!)

Addy & I in the Atlantic

My little mermaid--she loved the beach

Lilly preferred the water-'surfing' with her daddy!

3 peas in a pod

The girls at the animal farm with Callie, the deer

Pony rides on Romeo--they both told me that they didn't need mommy to walk with them...

Lilly & her pony

4 monkeys ready for movie night

The girls have already asked if Santa will bring them these 'magic' bikes--"I can pedal, then stop and the bike keeps going." (I'm not sure they realized mom & dad were doing the work.)


Sarah@everydayeasy said...

what a great trip!

Nellie said...

sounds amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

What a great blog and a super story to accompany all the wonderful photos. Good luck with the three wishes!!:)
GaGa Ian

Anonymous said...

You will never forget this first real family vacation. The pictures say it all. What fun!!!!